Bleakley to Dance on Ice?

When Holly Willoughby leaves Dancing on Ice for maternity leave, ITV bosses will be left with a dilemma on their hands. No one else quite matches Holly for ditsy warmth, humour and - let's not beat around the bush - amazing dress-filling skills. But the news pinging around geeky TV forums is that Christine Bleakley may be asked to step into the role.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'When Christine signed up to ITV the bosses told her they had plans to make her a massive star on the channel outside of presenting Daybreak. And this is just the start of it.

The insider continued, 'They want her to be able to turn her hand to lots of shows, and something like Dancing On Ice is perfect for her. It would be nice for her to have something a bit lighter than her serious role on Daybreak and TV bosses are convinced she will have amazing chemistry with co-presenter Phillip Schofield.'

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