Bleak times at Daybreak

Hailed as the saviour of breakfast TV when it was launched, ITV's Daybreak has proved to be a ratings disaster. Viewing figures have slowly climbed back to 700,000 since the show plummeted to 300,000, a third of GMTV's figures, but is performing well below expectations. But according to reports, although bosses are keen to reshuffle the top team of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, their generous contracts mean that they'd be due a £2m pay-off if they were fired.

An ITV insider told The Sun,'We got stiffed on the deal. We can’t pay them millions for nothing. People have had a look at Christine and Adrian in the mornings and said 'no thanks'.

The chatty source continued, 'There was too much hype and fanfare about them. The show is horribly underperforming and needs to be fixed. We spent £15million on Daybreak and we’ve gone backwards. It needs sorting. But Christine and Adrian are an expensive headache.'

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