Bleak news for the Beeb

There will be bleak faces all round (look, we like this pun, and we're sticking with it) at both the BBC and ITV today - as according to rumours, Christine Bleakley will defect to ITV for a £6 million deal to join her pal Adrian Chiles on the GMTV sofa. This means that all the lovely old GMTV stalwarts, such as Kate Garraway, are due to get the chop.

A rather bitter sounding insider told the News of the World, 'This shows how ruthlessly ambitious Christine is. She went to ITV for the money but could have earned a fortune at the BBC in the next few years. She'll now be getting up at 3am five times a week for GMTV. She could end up looking like Dot Cotton in a year! If she had stayed, she would still have been very rich and she would have been the face of the Olympics. I'm amazed she's been so short-sighted.'

This insider seems very angry indeed - we have a sneaking suspicion it might be Chris Evans letting off steam. Chiles 1 - Evans 0, it now seems...

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