Bleak future

ITV's shiny new morning show, Daybreak has taken a battering in recent weeks - with both critics and viewers failing to warm to the much vaunted 'chemistry' between Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley. And now, news reaches us that Christine may become the fall-guy, and is potentially facing the chop.

A 'friend' of Christine told The Daily Mail, 'Christine is extremely frustrated that Daybreak’s ratings aren’t improving. The biggest problem is that if she did leave Daybreak, ITV can’t exactly conjure a hit prime-time show for her out of thin air. She is ambitious and her reason for leaving the BBC was that she thought Daybreak would make her career more high profile. Christine is upset – but she knows that she has to stick it out for the time being. The annoying thing is that even though ratings are down, she and Adrian seem to be a lot calmer on the show and not so nervous.’

Having thought about your predicament Christine, we prescribe a little less ambition, and more emphasis on being the chatty, 'normal' (whatever that means) character that viewers warmed to, back in the heady days of The One Show.

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