Blake Fielder Civil rejects parole because won't go back to his mum

So, Blake Fielder Civil has inadvertently got himself more prison time by trying to bend the rules of probation to suit himself. According to The Sun, Fielder-Civil was offered early release on the proviso that he go and live with his mother Georgette in her Nottinghamshire home and obey a 7pm curfew enforced by an electronic tag. Not a bad deal, but unfortunately not quite the break to freedom Blake had been hoping for.

Blake rejected the offer, instead suggesting he be allowed back to his old stomping ground in Camden in order to be close to Amy and all his old pals. However when the parole board got wind of his impudence they quickly backtracked on the whole idea, and now he's back where he started - waiting for parole. He'll be freed on his original December release date.

Surely being woken up at the crack of dawn by your mum hoovering is preferable to being woken up by the sound of clanging porridge pans? Not for some......

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