Blake Fielder Civil : pleads guilty to attacking pub landlord

So Blake Filder Civil has admitted to attacking a pub landlord and then trying to cover it up fearing he might actually go down - even if he is married to someone famous.

So the story goes. Blake and a pal, Michael Brown, were awaiting trial for the assault of James King last year, but didn't fancy their chances at getting off - and so came up with a simple plan. Offer King 200K to withdraw drop the charges then jet him out of the country and watch the case collapse of it's own pathetic accord. Cunning - apart from one glitch. The Incarcerated didn't bank on being such an interesting commodity now he's married to Wino, and failed to spot a trap set by The Mirror who recorded King accepting the bribe and passed it to the police. Doh!

Blake and his co defendants (including King - the only one to be prosecuted in a separate trial for perverting the course of justice) are due for sentencing next week and could get anything from 5 years to time served. The latter of which would scupper Amy's plans of starting a 'massive' family any day soon. Super dad Mitch has been telling the papers today that the only thing that will save Wino is motherhood. That and getting off crack!

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