Black Eyed feud

Will.i.am has found himself once again in the middle of an X Factor battle, though this time it's Cher, not Cheryl who's the subject. The Black Eyed Peas star has apparently 'blocked' one of the songs he recorded with Cher, and has refused to let Cowell use the track as a single.

A source told The Mirror, 'Will wanted to sign Cher from the get-go and work on her career – but she signed to Syco affiliate Modest! Management because of what her contract said after the show. So he was miffed to start with. Now with everything that’s ­happened to Cheryl and the fact he’s managing her too he’s decided to play hardball with Syco. He’s refusing to send the track into them and they just don’t know what’s happening. The track they made was huge and Cher was counting on it being a single but it all looks like it is going to have to be pulled.'

While a music biz insider told the paper, 'Will.i.am is just annoyed about what’s happened with Cheryl. It’s very unfair to be making Cher pay for all of what has ­happened. Some even say it was ­partly to blame with what ­happened to Cheryl.'

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