Bitter Amie

When XFactor hopefuls Belle Amie were fighting for the chance to become the next pop icons, they dismissed claims that their mentor Simon was neglecting them. Now that the pretty popstrels are off the show, and they're enjoying their last few seconds of fame - the truth has quickly emerged. And it transpires that they're not happy with Cowell.

According to The Daily Mail, Belle Amie said, 'I think for us, we just wanted a little bit more help, just because it’s harder for us to get people to like us, to get the right song and the right styling...You could put the boys out there in bin bags and sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and they’d go through with flying colours. I think it’s just a lot easier for them than us.’

Last month, judge Louis hit the nail on the head saying, 'You've got a problem because you're on your own in this competition. Simon is putting all his energies into One Direction and it's not fair. You have no mentor. It's not right. They may be too afraid to say anything but I'm not.’ The girls were promptly voted out last Sunday...

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