Bit too much information: Katie Price talks about Andre's willy

Just imagine you were one half of a tacky celebrity couple in the middle of a marriage rift storm. How would you deny it? Be seen on a romantic holiday? Fly under the radar for a bit and pretend it's because you've been holed up indoors bonking from dusk till dawn?

Well how about just cutting to the chase and telling the world how big and tanned your man's John Thomas is instead. Former glamour model turned celebrity SuperMILF Katie Price has done just that, revealing a little too much information than is necessary over a bowl of cornflakes in the morning about Peter Andre's tackle. Pete 'has a big brown willy' she confessed in an interview with Now! "He prefers bigger knickers – like French knickers, he doesn’t like thongs, and when he's around, my underwear doesn’t stay on very long!” Good god.

Still, much as they're easy fun poking targets, there's something so reliably, nay cheerfully tacky about the pair that they somehow warm the cockles. Big cock or not. Keep up the good work Katie and Peter.

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