Billy Piper and Laurence Fox get tattoos

Billie Piper and hubby Laurence Fox revealed on day-time TV show This Morning that they are the latest celebrities to adorn their bodies with some inky artworks. The recently married pair, after a few drinks in Mexico, decided it would be a grrrreat idea to get Mr Fox and Mrs Fox, followed by the date of their marriage, tattooed onto their arms for all eternity.

Now considering the shelf -of most celebrity marriages, most would think this isn’t the best thing to do. But we think it’s a great idea. The tattoo is simply just the best way to hold a marriage together.

We’ve recently found out that Cheryl is going to take back Ashley despite his cheating – why? She’s got Mrs Cole printed on her neck! Let’s face it, you’re bound to give it another go when you have your spouse’s name emblazoned across your body.

Look at Amy and Blake or David and Victoria – they all should’ve broken up aaages ago considering their turbulent time as married couples. But the thought of going round for the rest of your life with an ex-spouse’s name on your body, or going through painful laser removal, is enough to keep any couple together.

Forget staying together for the sake of the kids – you gotta make it work for the sake of the tattoo! So, we say, if your marriage is on the rocks – off to the parlour you must go. And the bigger and more noticeable the indelible image, the better…

(Image: from YouTube)

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