Billy Bob Thornton chucks his toys out of his pram

One thing most celebs know is that if they want to keep feasting on the crumbs of fame for a long while to come, they'd better be nice to their fans. Which includes not slagging off whole nations in interviews. Well Billy Bob Thornton didn't get that memo.

The actor turned musician and lead singer of little known band The Boxmasters, upset his Canadian audience recently by comparing them to 'mashed potato without the gravy'. The Oscar winning actor's comments referred to the fact that his Canadian audiences sit there and don't make a big silly fuss when the Boxmasters take the stage.

"Canadian audiences seem to be very reserved. We tend to play places where people throw things at each other. Here, they just sort of sit there. And it doesn't matter what you say to them. It's mashed potatoes but no gravy." (Well sorry Bob, but maybe they'd show a bit more enthusiasm if the tunes were a bit punchier? Or if you stopped calling them boring in radio interviews?)

In the same radio interview the Oscar winning actor took umbridge, amongst other things, at being referred to as 'an Oscar winning actor' as well as pretending he couldn't remember when his band formed. The petulant child impression doesn't do him any favours. Have a listen.

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