Big-time Brand

Not so long ago Russell Brand was famous mainly for the fact that he told smutty jokes about his own penis on one of Big Brother’s knock-off shows, while bedding and romping with as many women as humanly possible. It certainly seemed to work too, as it meant no-one paid attention to his disappointingly average stand-up shows.

But all of a sudden Brand’s career and profile has shot through the roof, with our American cousins taking him to their hearts; he’s made a bit of a splash in a couple of films, is set to do very well indeed with Get Him To The Greek, and has busty pop hotty Katy Perry taking care of all his manly needs. Jammy git. Not only that, but now he’s due to appear in an episode of The Simpsons. As jealous Brits we almost feel duty bound to fulfil the second half of the ‘build up – knock down’ contract.

‘It's true I'm going to be in The Simpsons,’ said Brand to Gordon Smart of The Sun. ‘I was having an amazing birthday party and found out I was going into space. Then my agent says, ‘Oh, The Simpsons want you in an episode’.’

‘Once you've gone yellow, you've made it. My ideal show would be where I have a cartoon relapse with Barney and Homer and get smashed out of my mind with them.’

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