Religious nutters are always out to spoil people’s fun. Whether it’s telling you not to drink, not to have sex with people who you’re not married to or not to covet your neighbour’s ox, there’s practically nothing you’d actually like to do that god-botherers of nearly all stripes wouldn’t want you to stop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hot-shot Hollywood star either. Take Leonardo Di Caprio for instance; he’s happily shacked up with smoking hot Israeli supermodel Rafaeli Bar, and wedding bells might be on the horizon. However, according to The Sun this happy tale has upset Israeli nationalists Lehava, who claim that she will be diluting their race if she marries one of those stinking Goyim. Nice, eh?

‘It is not by chance you were born Jewish,’ they said, clearly not really understanding that it was exactly that. ‘Your grandmother and her grandmother did not dream one of their descendants would remove future generations from the Jewish people. Come to your senses. Don't marry Leonardo DiCaprio.’

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