Bigfoot or Big Hoax?

Well it's probably a hoax. We shouldn't get our hopes up. But... two guys from Georgia claim they've found Bigfoot. He's dead mind, but they're keeping the corpse in some kind of huge fridge-freezer until DNA tests can be done (how comes on CSI it only takes five minutes then?)

Everything's a bit sketchy at the moment, but they're promising a press conference in Paso Alto on Friday, where veteran Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi (cool name, even cooler job) will be explaining why, in the words of one of the discoverers, "this is the real deal".

One worrying fact though - the size of the deceased Bigfoot's feet is said to be 16 inches, not that huge in the US where you can buy off-the-peg trainers for feet that size. Maybe they've only found QuiteBigfoot.

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