Big silly bungle: Kate Moss car robbery goes badly wrong

Kate Moss was nearly in tears when she saw that some thug had broken into her 4x4 motor and thought they had taken a £200,000 diamond ring she'd left in there.

Counting herself lucky, a friend of the waif told The Mirror "Kate was absolutely distraught when she saw broken glass on the driveway and realised that her car had been broken into. She wasn't sure what she'd left on the backseat and initially feared they'd got away with a £200,000 diamond solitaire ring. Then she had a closer look and was thrilled to find just how little was missing.”

On closer inspection the mother of one noticed the scallies had only taken a £10 note and a box a Quality Streets.

34 year old model Kate, only recently fled to Ibiza with her boyfriend Jamie Hince because there was a flea infestation at her new North London pad.

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