Big momma: Anna Nicole Smith's mum sues TMZ & Howard Stern

So the cash cow that was Anna Nicole Smith just keeps on milking.

Anna Nicole Smith's mother (Virgie Arthur) is the latest person to try and snatch a piece of the pie by launching a lawsuit against Howard K Stern (Smith's ex TV 'personality' lawyer) and gossip website TMZ, for 'defamation of her good name'.

TMZ ran a story about Virgie having had a baby with her stepbrother - which TMZ then concluded via a readers poll to be 'creepy'. Yuup - and which Arthur thinks was started by Howard Stern.

Virgie thinks there was a conspiracy at work and that TMZ and Howard Stern were working in tandem to spread the muck in order to ruin her chances of getting custody of Daniellyn - (Smith's daughter), who, when she comes of age could be the sole heiress to a multi million dollar fortune.

At the timeHoward K Stern thought he was Danielyn's father (paternity tests have since shown it to be photographer Larry Birkhead) and Virgie claims Stern stood to win so big from the custody battle that he made up nasty lies to stop her winning. In the end Birkhead won.

Whether Arthur wins or loses, it's likely she'll fare well from the court battle. Win - and Virgie'll be set for life. Lose and she'll probably get a reality show about what it's like to spawn a child with an inlaw.

Watch Anna Nicole Smith's verdict on her own mother - much more defamatory than the stepbrother story ever was....

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