Big bullies

Poor old Alex Reid: Once he was one of the stars of cage fighting, with a fearsome reputation in the ring. Now his public persona is of a hen-pecked, cross-dressing wuss, who, while still being able to punch the lights out of the likes of you or I, has been sufficiently emasculated that he gets booed by knuckle-headed fight fans when he gets injured.

Earlier on in the month he and Jordan had to tolerate a volley of abuse and projectiles from ‘fans’ who were disappointed by his decision not to fight Tom ‘Kong’ Watson due to injury, and now Reid has written about how disappointed he was by the fans, who he accused of ‘borderline bullying’.

‘There were boos when I entered, but I thought, 'I can live with that',' he said in his column with Star magazine. 'I was with the Tom Watson crowd so expected a bit of pantomime behaviour, but it wasn't nice when people started throwing bananas and bottles. That was unacceptable and I worried about taking Katie.

‘The gorilla in the wheelchair upset her because she thought it was a dig at Harvey, but the guy was supposed to be me. It's not nice - come on, guys. You had to see some of the hate that was directed towards us to believe it. It was borderline bullying.’

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