Big Brother to be axed next year

Channel 4 has decided to axe Big Brother after a dramatic fall in viewing figures this year.

From Nasty Nick to Jade to Nicky, Big Brother has become synonymous with the summer over the last 10 years, but with viewing figures down almost 6m, Channel 4 has decided to consign it to the scrapheap.

With the arrival of shows like Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor combined with global warming and better weather in the summer, BB has found it hard to compete.

An insider spoke to Metro about the decision: “The reality is people are bored with it. Even at Channel 4 the vibe among staff is that if you like Big Brother you're not cool. If the people commissioning the show don't think it's cool, what hope is there?”

However, before you go crying into your copy of TV Hits, there will be one final series of the iconic show next year.

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