Big Brother hasn't ruined our marriage

Since Sally Bercow, the House of Commons speaker's wife sashayed into the Big Brother house, politicians and celeb-watchers waited with baited breath for their marriage to implode. But Sally, who was the first BB guest to be evicted on Saturday, claims that they're as 'solid as a rock'. Next they'll be photographed looking hysterically happy leaning over a country-gate, and we'll know that they're really in trouble.

Sally told The Daily Mail, 'Me and John are as solid as a rock. I have got to be honest - it was really tough going into the house and I am not going to pretend otherwise. My husband really wasn't in favour and a lot of the Establishment weren't. I was really nervous plucking up the courage to tell John and telling the political world generally and I didn't really think any further than that and raising money for charity. Going into the Big Brother house has probably been our biggest fight but usually our arguments are less serious and it's more about who is going to unload the dishwasher. I am sad I wasn't supported by my husband going in, but all's well in the end.'

Prepare yourselves for a Sally Bercow publicity onslaught over the next few weeks, the canny lass has hired none other than Max Clifford to look after her profile.

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