Big Brother: Danny Wisker outrages fans with fat shaming tweet

  • @TV3Xpose - Twitter

Big Brother's Danny Wisker is going to take a massive hit in the popularity stakes after a horrible fat-shaming tweet he sent was revealed. The message is just one of a string of insulting jibes Wisker has made on his Twitter account.

Wisker's fat shaming tweet was posted back in March to some girls he had apparently spent time with while clubbing. The message was not in the least bit nice and read "Fat birds trying it on with me in clubs, stick to your own kind!"

Wisker has a history of sending insulting tweets however with a few choice ones aimed at former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Cami Li. Wisker tweeted at Li "Mate the worst so called human I’ve ever met in my life! Needs putting down" followed soon afterwards with "Now f**k off back to Miami you tramp!... @CamiLiModel"

And the offensive tweets are far from exclusive to recent times after he trolled recent Big Brother partner in crime Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace on Twitter. Aisleyne reacted angrily to the revelation saying "I’m just fuming about Danny trolling me on Twitter. I’m really confused. Because he didn’t mention it while I was in there."

The 29 year old former footballer is currently seen as favourite to win Big Brother 2015 after making it all the way to the final 5 contestants. The final of this year's show will take place on Thursday July 16th live on Channel 5.

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