Big Brother 2014 kicks off: 10 contestants on the hunt for power in the house

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Big Brother 2014 kicked off with a bang last night as 10 housemates entered the BB House. Host Emma Willis did her part by introducing us to each housemate one by one before sending them into the house. The show burst into life almost instantly as the first power challenge was issued.

The public quickly awarded Pauline Bennett as the housemate who could wield power first as she was challenged to reward a housemate and punish another. Pauline chose to make poor Matthew Davies sleep inside a box for the first night and she gave Mark Byron £5,000 because of his love of her favourite singer Mariah Carey! Needless to say Matthew did not look impressed sitting in his transparent box away from the rest of the gang.

The housemates make for an eclectic bunch with journalist Cristopher Hall, Playboy model Kimberly Kisselovich, lingerie model Danielle McMahon and Helen Wood, famous for having an affair with Wayne Rooney in 2010, standing out the most. Tamara Stewart-Wood, Steven Goode and Winston Showan make up the rest of the ten contestants who we will get to know much better over the coming weeks.

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Viewers were anxiously trying to anticipate what the Power Trip Theme would mean on this years show and they quickly got a little taste of it. Hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark have described the theme to be a bit like The Hunger Games. Contestants will have to fight extremely hard to gain power and once they have it they will be doing their best to defend it.

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