Big Blubber

Stoicism and a stiff upper lip seem to be qualities lacking in the world of celebrity this week. Last week we told you that Peter Andre wept after discussing Jordon's latest marriage to cage fighter Alex Reid. And just yesterday political svengali Alistair Campbell, notorious for his forthright (some might say bullying) personality, cracked under questioning by Andrew Marr.

Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr show, Campbell was asked whether he and Blair had misled Parliament over the WMD issue that led to war with Iraq. Campbell initially answered that Blair 'did not mislead Parliament.' However, he then appeared to have a full blown panic attack, looking at one point as if he was going to make a bid for escape. He finally managed to carry on: 'I've been through a lot on this Andrew, and... Tony Blair, I think, is a totally honourable man.' Campbell also complained that the media was fixated with 'settling your scores and setting your own agenda. You did it again this morning, which is probably why I'm a bit upset, this constant sort of vilification.'

We really hope that this collective show of emotion is just a minor blip, we don't want our celebs - or political svengalis - replaced by emotionally incontinent drips. Now all we need is Gordon Brown sobbing live on telly. Oh, hang on...

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