Big Baby

Hip-hop hero and all round walking disaster area Lil’ Wayne has committed the ultimate act of internet geekery – he has flounced from Twitter after only for days because he felt his comments were welcome. Anyone who has spent any time at all on internet forums will know the passive aggressive sting of someone who lets everyone know how unwelcome they feel, hoping that they’ll generate some sympathy and ‘please come backs’. The big bloody wimps.

It’s a surprise however that Young Weezy is stopping to that level, especially given that he’s supposed to be going to jail next week (and that he had already amassed 75,000 followers). You’d better not show this level of sensitivity in the clink Wayne, or some bad things will happen to you.

‘Gunna stop with the tweets now that I see they're so unliked,’ he wrote, possibly wiping a tear from his eye. ‘It's a mirror of my thoughts, and obviously my thoughts aren't (welcome). Sorry.’

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