Big and clever

Deep down, if they’re honest, everyone likes swearing. Not only is it extremely funny, it’s also very BIG and very CLEVER regardless of what your teachers or parents used to tell you. The best kind of swearing is of course, the most offensive kind (that’ll be the c-word), practiced in completely inappropriate settings like with your local vicar/priest, or at a charity gala in front of 20,000 people.

One man who understands this is Jonathan Ross, who himself is no stranger to controversy . Last night at a Channel 4 Comedy Gala for Great Ormond Street Hospital at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, south London, Wossy went on stage and asked the huge audience in front of him to shout c*** at the same time. But why? ‘(I want to) break the record for the most people saying **** at the same time,’ he said, before being pummelled with a cacophony of expletives.

‘I'm used to that being shouted at me,’ he joked afterwards. The bash included other comedians like Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr and Sean Lock, but none of them managed to master the art of sheer offensiveness like Wossy. Hopefully Channel 4 won't edit it out when they screen the bash on Monday night. Watch and learn, worms.

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