Bianca’s back

So we got home last night and turned on the TV and what did we see? Bianca from EastEnders on EastEnders, singing and dancing! And no, we hadn’t fallen asleep on the sofa, dreaming about Patsy Palmer again. It was real!

The new video is a promo for the return of Bianca Jackson and her four kids to the Square on April 3 and it’s hilarious. Singing the Jackson 5 hit (oooh very clever) I Want You Back, Bianca dances round the streets with her brood, much to the despair of her fellow EastEnders.

The best part – her aaaaaawful singing. It’s so bad, it’s amaaazing – each word perfectly executed in a broad cockney accent – we particularly love when she sings “stand aaaa’ in the craaaaad!” We also have to give Patsy Palmer some credit for being such a good sport and really hamming it up to the camera.

It’s great to see actors who are willing to laugh at themselves (and do anything to revive their otherwise flagging careers). You go, Pats…

(Image: from YouTube)

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