Beyonce switches things up

When Beyonce refused to walk a couple of blocks to Obama's inauguration gig due to a high heels issue, noone could blame her. However it seems Sasha Fierce has cranked the diva levels up a notch recently. She allegedly sent a body double to do a public visit for her.

The Albertina art museum in Vienna had kindly arranged for Beyonce to take a private tour of their museum. However as the time loomed nearer for Mz Z to don some intellectual specs and tour the fusty museum, she realised that on that particular day she would be washing her hair. Hence she sent a lookalike instead.

"What a cheek" fumed a museum spokesperson, later conceding; "It could have been her." Sources say B-Town went shopping instead.

Update: It was a big silly hoax that had nothing to do with Beyonce.

In other Beyonce news, tour promoters have fallen back on a proven marketing strategy to shift tickets to her concerts/ sell chewing gum; a flash mob dance. A not so random group of leotard clad ladies danced to Beyonce's Single Ladies outside Piccadilly Circus tube station this week. While it's not quite as impressive as the T-Mobile dance, it's safe to say if you were passing it cheered up the daily commute.

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