Beyonce chucks a diva strop

According to reports in the US Beyonce was told that after rehearsals for her inaugural performance she would have to walk four blocks to her car. Well people B-Town was wearing heels and inappropriate clothing. It was minus a million and, damn it, she shouldn't really have to walk to her own chauffeur should she?

"Beyoncé wouldn’t walk in high heels in the cold. The cops wouldn’t budge, but the Secret Service agreed to let the driver pick Jay-Z and Beyoncé up, bring them to their hotel so they could change, and get them back to the theatre" a source told The Daily News.

Ok, so she chucked her toys out of her pram. But could it have been kinda justified? Heels, cold, strict time schedules? Sounds like a damn good excuse to call in the Secret Service to us. No?

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