Beyonce and Jay-Z can't trademark their baby

Jay-Z and Beyonce may be best friends with the President of the United States, but it seems their influence has limits. Their attempt to have the name of their daughter, Blue Ivy, registered as a trademark has been refused.

Blue Ivy, it seems, had already been the name of a US wedding planning service for three years before baby Blue Ivy was born in January. The celebrity couple, not slow to see the business opportunities presented by their happy event, were hoping to use their child’s name on a new line of baby products. The US trademark office hasn’t ruled that out completely, although it has decreed that Veronica Alexander can continue to use the name for her wedding company.

"Money doesn't buy everything," a gratified Alexander told Rolling Stone after the court decision. "If this hadn't turned out this way, I'd go after both of them. There's no way by way of being a celebrity they should have entitlement. Shame on them."

It’s hardly unusual for celebrities to attempt to brush aside the little people, but the action sits a little uneasily alongside all the stirring rhetoric at a recent fundraiser for Barack Obama, where the president praised the couple for remembering the struggles and ambitions of ordinary Americans.

Alexander remains puzzled that the celebrity action even happened. "Nobody names their daughter Blue Ivy," she said. She also mentioned a possible solution to the dispute. "If Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to buy me out," she said, "I'd welcome that."

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