Better Relate than never

We're not saying that this piece of news suggests looming doom chez Brand 'n' Perry, but we're already regretting that paper Ferrari we purchased for the pair as their one year anniversary wedding gift. While many couples go in for a spot of counselling in the run up to their getting hitched, the fact that Russell and Katy are going in for over-the-phone therapy may hint at possible trouble.

A serious sounding source told The Mirror, 'It’s been really bad timing for the couple. With only a few weeks to go until the big day, they’ve been spending more time apart than ever before. Russell’s doing 14-hour days on set, and Katy’s been in Europe and Australia working all sorts of hours. Combine this with all the time differences and, as you can imagine, it’s been tough. Counselling was Katy’s idea. They both clear an hour in their schedules every day to have a conference call with a therapist, talking things over and making their bond as tight as possible.'

We're sure Russell is delighted...

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