Better Call Saul: Breaking Bad spin off will be available on Netflix

Following in the footsteps of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is going to be made available through Netflix. The long awaited Breaking Bad spin-off show has been talked about since July 2012 when the creator Vince Gilligan told an interviewer “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spin-off", will debut in 2014.

Netflix has announced that the show will air on AMC in 2014 and shortly after its American debut, European and Latin American viewers will be able to watch the show. In November news came out that Bob Odenkirk will star as the crooked lawyer Goodman who will aid Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, but we’ve not been given any other details. The show’s creator Gilligan and collaborator Peter Gould will write the spin-off show that tells the story of lawyer arrived at his Better Call Saul! branding. Fans of Breaking Bad will be happy to hear that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul could make small appearances in the new show. Sony Pictures, who produced the Emmy winning Breaking Bad, will also produce Better Call Saul so there’s plenty of continuity between the two shows.

For Netflix, Better Call Saul should give subscribers another reason to stay with the on-demand streaming firm. They brought Breaking Bad's fifth series, part two, to European audiences hours after its US showing during 2013 and they’ll be doing the same with the spin-off.

Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos said: “Breaking Bad is widely recognised as one of the great TV experiences in the new golden age of television. It has also proven very popular with Netflix subscribers around the world.”

Sony Pictures Television’s Steve Mosko echoed those thoughts: “We’re excited to continue the collaboration with Vince, as well as Peter Gould, and that fans around the world will be able to embrace Saul."

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