Best Response from girlfriend to boyfriend who jokes about leaving her for FIFA 16

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20-year old Bradley Measor from Essex recently purchased FIFA 16 for his Xbox. Like many other young adults on social media, he took a photo of his new game and posted it on Twitter. He also added the text “Bye Danni” as a joke to his girlfriend who he has been dating for 15 months.

While some girlfriends may not pay much notice to comments like this, Danni decided to respond via Twitter back to Bradley in her own way. She posted a photo of the Rampant Rabbit Vibrator accompanied with the text “Bye Brad”.

The retailer company Ann Summers who specialize in sex toys and lingerie, saw this viral conversation and offered Danni a free Rampant Rabbit. Brad saw this and decided to ask the company if they had any toys for men.

The 18-year old girlfriend quickly comes out with another witty response by saying, “Yeah they have! I told you before I’d get you this!” “This” being a penis enlarger pump.

While Brad’s FIFA 16 tweet stating “Bye Danni” received 7,000 retweets, Danni’s Rampant Rabbit Vibrater post has so far been retweeted 9,000 times. I guess we can tell who the online Twitter community is siding with.

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