Best Pixar movies so far

Although Pixar Studios is under the control of Walt Disney, they make their own brand of unique family-friendly animated movies that entertain the kids and the parents alike. They embrace their successes by making sequels, which Disney are only just cottoning onto, and they challenge themselves to make different films that destroy the mould made by their past productions. This is the studio that brought us Wall-E, Toy Story, Cars and Coco none of which share anything but high production values and an attention to detail that places Pixar movies above those produced by their parent firm. So which one’s the best?

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Let’s start with Coco, not only because it’s one of the newest from the studio but because it’s based on a concept that’s really hard to sell to kids and families. The concept of death is not one that commercial movies gravitate towards as the basis of their movie. A lot of movies have characters that pass away or they have characters that live with the effect of death, like Bambi for example, but not that many use it as the basis of the story. The other thing that’s uniquely brilliant about Coco is that it’s based on Mexican culture rather than American or European so viewers are treated to a movie that’s thematically and visually different from anything else Pixar has made.

The Incredibles

How typical of Pixar to choose a subject that’s already popular and make it their own. There’s nothing original about superhero movies, although they hadn’t worn out their welcome in 2004 when The Incredibles arrived in cinemas. This movie is stuffed full of great scenes that any family will identify with as the family, led by Mr. Incredible, struggle to come to terms with their powers and then the fact that they’re not allowed to use them anymore after the government outlaw superheroes. The concept of the story, the way it’s presented on screen and the tone of the movie make it one you can keep returning to.

Inside Out

Inside Out is another movie that other studios could not make. The concept here is that the movie takes place almost entirely within the mind of an 11-year-old girl. The idea is a novel one and it’s well enough executed to draw the audience in and keep them entertained even though there’s very little in the way of action. Inside Out scored well with critics and audiences too.

Monsters Inc

This one’s another original concept that’s worked so well that you have to applaud Pixar for taking a chance on a new idea rather than reworking something that’s been made before. Monsters Inc. tells the story of a world that’s powered by the screams of children, which might have been a tough sell for anyone but Pixar. The novel idea with this movie is that the screams of children in our world power consumer goods in the monster world but you and you’re little children aren’t asked to get a handle on that idea because at its core this movie is about friendship and family.


There are star names providing the voices and a concept feeding off the popularity of NASCAR racing but they’re not the reasons why Cars is one of Pixar’s greatest movies. The plot is a simple one about a character who learns humility and comes out on top as a result which might be why the critics were not as friendly towards this movie as other Pixar productions. But moviegoers loved it. The movie took $462 million at the box office and spawned two sequels.

Finding Nemo

This movie is about a cute animal, friendship and family so you’d expect us to dislike it because there’s nothing much original about the concept, but that misses the point. The movie is charming and funny, even though it’s not based on a wildly new concept. There’s action and adventure aplenty in the movie that also has time to teach the audience that children have to be allowed to develop their own identities even though that’s sometimes fraught with danger for the parents.

Toy Story

So far we haven’t made a judgement on which movie is better than the others. We’ve resisted the temptation to rank the movies but now that we’ve come to the end, we have to admit that none of the other special films in our list comes close to Toy Story. This movie remains a technical marvel that provided Pixar with the blueprint for the work that followed. Each frame of computer-generated images helped perfect both the technology and the art of making movies at Pixar which is why this landmark movie has to rank as the studio’s best (so far).

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