Berry watch over! It's a baby girl for Halle

Berry baby watch over at last! And goodness did it take a while - Halle seems to have been pregnant for at least the last ten years! In fact we can't ever remember her without the giant bump. And if you can't either - check out our photo gallery of Halle pre baby bump.

Berry gave birth at a plush LA hotel, sorry hospital yesterday to a healthy 7lb 4 0z baby girl. The twice married Oscar winner, who was said to have been 'terrified' about the birth in the weeks leading up to it, is apparently 'doing great'. She trooped through the whole monster ordeal like a true celeb - and will no doubt be gushing about the miraculous experience before the week's out.

Nothing on the suggestion board re names yet, but Halle and model boyfriend Gabriele Aubrey have decided the bub will take his and not her surname. Which is a shame, because we were hoping they'd go for something sily like 'Straw'. Maybe next time....

Aanyways. Congrats Halle and Gabriele. And best of luck shifting the baby gut - nothing a silly LA diet won't fix. She'll be back to washboard by sunset.

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