Bender was the ender

Finally, the most discreet and coy star in celebritydom is to reveal the secrets of the final days of her 'fairytale' marriage with her ex husband. Little is known of Katie Price and Peter Andre, but hopefully that will soon change, when Price publishes her book,'You Only Live Once'. This magnum opus spills the beans on what really happened between 'Pricey' and 'Petey'.

A source trailing the book, told The Sun, 'The moment Pete saw those snaps was the moment their fairytale relationship was over. They'd been bickering so much and followed constantly by TV cameras - Pete just reached tipping point. He could no longer stay married to her. They had a blazing row on the phone and immediately knew it was over.'

The cheek of it! How dare those TV cameras follow the couple around, spoiling their 'fairytale relationship'...

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