Ben Stiller’s kids refuse to watch his films

Ben Stiller may be one of Hollywood’s biggest and most watchable stars but the Tropic Thunder thesp has admitted that his children really couldn’t give a Fock(er) about his films.

According to Digital Spy, Mr Blue Steel’s whippersnappers Ella, 6 and Quinlin, 3 would much rather play with their toys. "My daughter is not that interested in movies. She'd rather be playing with her dolls, which is good. I think that's healthy. My son sort of gets showbiz but he's also more involved with his trains."

Adding that they may be a little young anyhow to be watching their father’s on-screen smut, he said, “there are not a lot of films of mine I can show to them - I don't know how long it will take until they can see Dodgeball, but I'm guessing we'll get to both of those films before There's Something About Mary.” Aren’t they lucky? They’ve still got the vomit inducing debacle that was Mystery Men to look forward to.

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