Ben Affleck You Tube video

If you thought Sarah Silverman’s YouTube fave “I’m f***ing Matt Damon” was funny, then you’ve got to see this. Miss Silverman made the video for her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, but now Jimmy is getting his own back with an even funnier video.

The video, I’m f***ing Ben Affleck, takes Matt Damon’s best friend and puts him in a gay relationship with Jimmy. Trumping Sarah’s celebrity endorsement, Jimmy gets loads of A-list celebrities to perform in the film. Lending their time to Mr Kimmel’s retaliation we have, of course, Ben Affleck as the love interest, Brad Pitt as the delivery man and Harrison Ford as another of Ben Affleck’s conquests.

Not happy with only these stars appearing in the clip, it all turns into a Band Aid style sing-song, with a whole host of celebrities very enthusiastically singing along – including Robin Williams, Cameron Diaz and Macy Gray. It’s very funny stuff – mainly because of the Hollywood stars being silly –and it’s sure to be another YouTube hit.

(Image: from YouTube)

I'm f***ing Ben Affleck

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