Belle Adieu

As befits Halloween night, XFactor was full of frights and shocking performances galore - and we're not even talking about Wagner. Katie and Belle Amie garnered the fewest votes, and were forced to sing for their pop 'survival'.

After being told that she was in the bottom two, Katie admitted to Dermot, 'I'm feeling nervous but OK. A little kind of...' before pulling a face. Katie then proceeded to perform without shoes - always a failsafe 'quirky' act designed to annoy audiences.

Belle Amie, in contrast, displayed fighting spirit, saying, 'We are ready to fight for our place. We want to be here.' Unfortunately, this didn't translate to a solid performance; their vocals were decidedly shaky. After the judges let the two acts go to deadlock, Belle Amie won the fewest votes, and were sent back to their days jobs at Claires Accessories.

Katie, however, will be certainly feeling the strain this week, after her 'quirky' act, which the judges hailed as 'her personality shining through', failed to win the audience over.

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