Beginning of the Directionless Days

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One Direction had their last performance for a while on the X-Factor Season Finale which also included massive stars such as Adele and Coldplay. After performing “History” and “Infinity” One Direction thanked their fans and said their temporary goodbye.

Earlier this year this group of 4 said that they were planning on taking a break from music and touring for awhile. Specifically 18 months if we can believe what Louis told fans while on the Alan Carr show on December 11th.

Another question Carr addressed was whether or not Harry Styles was breaking off from the group. 1D fans can rest assured that Styles in fact is not breaking off for a solo career as previously rumoured.

The group that became popular in 2010 after finishing 3rd in the X-Factor competition are “sad that we’re going away fro a little while, but we need it”.

Fans took to Twitter and started the hashtag #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection. There is a mix of denial and understanding from hard core 1D fans. While this may not be the easiest year and a half for some girls, remember to look at the bigger picture. They will be back before you know it breaking young girls’ hearts.

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