Becks visits Harry in LA

David Beckham has been spotted paying a visit to Prince Harry in the plush Beverley Hills hotel where he has been staying.

The 27-year-old prince is in the US for an Apache helicopter training course, and is spending the Thanksgiving break in California before heading back to Arizona to resume training.

Harry appears to be making the most of his trip, having been pictured partying with scantily clad girls and riding a Harley Davidson motorbike into Vegas.

There's rumours that Becks and his brood will be relocating to Paris in the near future, but for now he's living in Beverley Hills, not far from the $779-$2,500 per night hotel where Harry is staying.

The LA Galaxy star arrived at the SLS with a large handbag. He is a close friend to both royal siblings, and also visited Prince William on his recent trip to the US.

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