Becks 'n' sex

David Beckham seems to spend the majority of his time on this planet fighting off allegations that he's cheating on Posh Spice (sorry, we mean Victoria Beckham). No matter that the claims are not founded in fact, that doesn't stop the tabloids from swarming. Not us though, we're completely innocent...

According to the Daily Mail, the US magazine 'In Touch' which last month claimed that Beckham had spent a night with a call girl - leading to a court case initiated by David and Posh - have also stated that the former footie type had a petit tryst with a 'lingierie salewoman'.

A source close to the player said that the allegations are‘completely without evidence. This is a smokescreen and it is not going to hold up in court. He is not backing down – he plans to go full throttle in this matter. This posturing, with no evidence and no facts, isn’t going to stall the inevitable.’

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