Becks appeals

A while back, deep in the mists of time (i.e. November last year), US tabloid mag 'In Touch' made some bold claims about our Dave, saying that he spent illicit nights of passion with an escort girl who clearly wasn't his wife, Lady Victoria Beckham. David vowed to sue, and to win squillions of pounds in damages. But alas, the course of celebrity life never did run smooth, and yesterday, a judge chucked the libel case out of court, telling Becks he would have to prove that In Touch acted 'maliciously'. Let's be honest, Becks probably doesn't know what the word means, so it's unlikely he'll be able to prove it...

A representative of the angry Beckhams told The Daily Mail, 'Any knowledgeable person knows this story not to be true, we will continue to fight this in court and the decision will be appealed.'

The rep continued, 'David Beckham's clear evidence proved that this is without foundation. We have already won a court ruling in Germany and are awaiting damages. Unfortunately, the US legal system requires us to show that the magazine acted maliciously.' Good luck, Dave!

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