Beckhams seek £5million damages

We reported yesterday that David Beckham was outraged by an article in In Touch magazine that suggested he had paid prostitute Irma Nici £10,000 for sex, including a threesome, and was planning on suing them. Well, it has been revealed today that he is apparently so furious that he is trying to sue Nici for £5million worth of damages for the hurt he feels has been caused by her and the magazine.

The former England captain has employed a worldwide team of lawyers to find Nici, who has gone into hiding, in order to serve her the writ, and will be demanding a full front page apology from In Touch

‘David is prepared to scour the Earth for this woman, who seems to think she could make up a complete fantasy that is extremely hurtful to him and his family,’ said a friend at LA Galaxy to The Sun. ‘She has treated his wife and children with such disregard he is not prepared to let this one go.

‘He wants everyone held accountable. The magazine, the publishers and the hooker.’ Go and get those disgusting gossip merchants, David, make us all prou... ah, yes, right. Carry on.

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