Beckhams pilfer free TomKat babysitting services

The day the Beckhams can't afford a tenner on a babysitter is the day hell freezes over. And it actually just has.

Victoria was forced into desperate measures after not being able to find anyone to leave the kids with while she flew back to London and Dave was tied up with a match at the weekend. So she buzzed TomKat to see if they couldn't take the boys of her hands for the night - and as luck would have it, they could.

Cruise, perhaps scenting an opportunity to fill young fertile ears with his Scientology guff, took Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz along with adopted daughter Isabella, Suri and Katie to the Hope Depot Center in California to watch Becks in a match.

The match (against The New York Red Bulls) was a dull affair which ended in a 2:1 defeat - not in Beck's favour, and throughout which Isabella looked desperately bored, the Beckham boys cute, and TomKat exhausted by all the childminding. But still very polished and rich.

Thank goodness the nanny was on hand to keep order.

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