Beckham’s inky tribute

David Beckham has revealed yet another tattoo. Already covered almost from head to foot in the inky art, he now has a new one to add to his ever-expanding collection. So what is it this time? A 7” picture of a topless Victoria. Claaaassy!

Apparently the idea was taken from David’s favourite photo shoot of Vicky – a Brigitte Bardot-inspired shoot for Pop magazine four years ago. What a touching tribute to his wife and we’re sure she loves it, especially as Posh also has a penchant for the odd bit of body art.

We just don’t know what the Beckhams are going to do when little Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz ask for their first tattoos. And if they follow by Mummy and Daddy’s example, these are going to be some biiig-ass tattoos. We just hope that they rebel instead – with lots of sunscreen, and not even the slightest slathering of St Tropez in sight…

(Image: from YouTube)

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