Beckham will make World Cup squad - in er, 2014

With the World Cup quite literally next week, every man and his dog is suddenly a football expert, even if they’ve never seen a footie match in their life - or worse still, they’re American. Enter Tom Cruise. The world’s most famous thumb sized Tom. Well, maybe apart from Tom Thumb.

It’s been well documented that Cruise, as well as being a mega movie star, likes to pop over to the Beckhams with his normal sized partner Katie Holmes, for a cup of Nescafe Gold Blend and a natter about how the council still haven’t been to sort out the bins. According to The Sun, Cruise has been joining in with the footie fever by praising his buddy Becks that he’ll be fit and good to go to play for England in the World Cup...in 2014. ‘I wish he was playing in the World Cup this year. But he will be back for the next one, you know,’ were Cruise’s wise words.

For poor Becks and perhaps for poor England, he ruptured his Achilles tendon 2 months ago forcing him out of the forthcoming footie tournament in South Africa - but if wee Tom’s prediction comes good, we could see him in Brazil, at the tender age of 83*.

*39 really, but still too old. Yeah, thanks Tom, it’s football by the way, NOT SOCCER!!!!

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