Beckham hit on by Italian lovelies

Victoria Beckham will be spitting teeth today after images of her hubbie, David Beckham, chatting with a number of Italian lovelies in a Milan restaurant made it into the tabloids.

Reminiscent of one of those terrible Lynx adverts, Becks is pictured being hit on by a number of different women over the course of an evening out at a charity dinner. It seems, however, that Posh can sleep easy for now, as Goldenballs looked more embarrassed than anything by all of the attention being bestowed upon him.

The England midfielder is currently on loan at Serie A side AC Milan while Posh and the kids still live in Los Angeles. After Becks' rumoured affair with his PA Rebecca Loos when he was living on his tod in Madrid, you think that Mrs Beckham would have learned her lesson by now and booked herself and the kids into the same hotel for the duration.

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