Beckham hires detective to search for vice girl

David Beckham is clearly very serious about getting the girl who claims he paid for sex with her to face justice: the former England international has hired a private detective to track her down.

Irma Nici claimed in In Touch magazine that she had been paid £10,000 a time by Beckham for sex sessions, allegations that so incensed Beckham that he is suing both the magazine and searching for £5million worth of personal damages from Nici, who according to the Mirror has been found in New York’s luxury W Hotel, and is being trailed while his lawyers prepare to serve her the writ. Meanwhile wife Victoria is standing by her man, safe in the knowledge that the rumours are untrue.

‘Victoria has stood by David because they both know the rumours are untrue,’ said a source. ‘He has told her he will take her to Napa Valley this weekend.

‘He is impressed by how calm and strong she has been throughout this. He’s taking her away to a luxury timeshare-style property they have bought, to say thanks for being so supportive and to show her how much he loves her.’

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