Because he’s worth it

So we’ve heard of stars insuring the body parts they feel are vital to their success. Heidi Klum (legs), J Lo (bottom) Tom Jones (chest hair). Eh? EUCH! What? No way. The ex-sex symbol has insured his pectoral plumage for the princely sum of £3.5 million.
According to the Sun newspaper a mole said: "Like a vintage wine, Tom just gets better with age. Even at the grand old age of 67, the ladies love his hip-thrusting moves and catching a sneaky peak of his famously rugged chest hair." Really?
We can’t think of anything worse than a perma-tanned pensioner thrusting his hips at us giving us clippings of his chest rug. A “mole”, eh? Was this mole called Tom Jones by any chance?

(Image: from YouTube)

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