Beauty marketsweep

It’s well known that movie stars in Hollywood spend thousands of pounds on the odd cosmetic nip and tuck or the occasional botox jab; anything to preserve their good looks and keep those bumper pay cheques rolling in. But one A-Lister you’d think was lucky enough not to do that thanks to his boyish good looks has allegedly been caught buying almost the entire contents of a beauty store.

New Magazine are reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio recently spent £843 on eye cream, anti-wrinkle lotions, soap and face masks in the Los Angeles beauty show Blue Mercury.

Nosey customer Bonnie Lockhart who was in the shop at the time is quoted as saying; 'Leonardo asked a lot of questions and seemed to be most concerned about wrinkle creams.'

Did Leonardo won an episode of Supermarket Sweep? And did they ask him for ID....?

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