Beaten Pink and blue

Now we wouldn’t go recommending this tactic to parents ourselves, but let’s say that Pink has something of an interesting way to deal with unruly children – beat the living **** out of them! That’ll learn ‘em.

The pop star defends her tactic by saying that it never did her any harm (how does she know?) and that her dad slapping her about saved her life. Also, not being able to kick your kids around is just a load of PC nonsense. What do these so-called experts know anyway, eh?

‘I think parents need to beat the crap outta their kids,’ she claimed, ruining her chances of ever being allowed to look after any. ‘I think the whole spanking thing and how it's gotten all PC is for the birds.

‘My dad put me through a wall; it's the only reason I'm still alive. I would have kicked me out when I was eight. I was not comfortable with authority or rules. I was bad.’

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